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Swimmers 'Code of Conduct'


: Swimmers are expected to turn up onto poolside 10 minutes prior to each session.

:Swimmers are expected to stretch and warm up prior to each session.

:Swimmers must attend to their own hygiene needs before entering the pool, ie toilet, shower)

:All swimmers must have appropriate kit necessary for swimming sessions (coustume, googles, cap)

and a kit bag is essential for all from D up.

:All swimmers must have appropriate drinks for the poolside area.

:Swimmers will only be allowed to leave the pool under exceptional circumstances during a standard session. During longer sessions this will be at the coaches discretion.

:Swimmers are reminded that respect to coaches and other swimmers is expected at all times.

:Swimmers must adhere to instructions given by coaches , poolside helpers and centre staff.


:Only swimmers competing in that session will be allowed on poolside.

:Swimmers are expected to stay with the swim team during the event.

:Swimmers are reminded to return to the coach after their swim to be debriefed before approaching parents.

:Swimmers should have appropriate kit for swimming and poolside, ie Blantyre t-shirt, cap, towel and clothing appropriate for poolside wear.


:We ask parents to respect our coaches and swimmers , and allow them to finish training before entering the poolside or distracting any coaching staff. Any issues can be raised before or after the training session.

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