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The club's swim fees are paid monthly by standing order directly into the club's bank account. We moved to this system some years ago, as it is much easier to administer and because it avoids committee members having to handle large sums of cash on Tuesday evenings. When a new member joins the will receive a standing order form which they should return to their bank (not the swimming club), Parents are full control of the standing orders (unlike Direct Debits), and if a swimmer leaves the club, parents must cancel the standing order-the club will not (and can not do this).

The monthly fees are:

A and B squads-- £30 per month 

C,D and Development squads -- £25 per month 

From 28th February 2019, there will also be a yearly club fee of £2

Should  fees be persistently unpaid, then the committee reserve the right to suspend a swimmers membership until full payment has been made. 

Should a swimmer be absent for a extended period (e.g-due to illness), then please speak to the Treasurer/Secretary so that an arrangement can be made for temporary suspension of fees. The swimmer's place in the club would still be kept until they are fit again.

The Treasurer/Secretary will be present at poolside an time trials nights (last Tuesday of the month) and anything to do with fees, other payments or membership matters can be dealt with there.

New members are not required to pay a joining fee, however , parents are asked to pay swimmers initial SASA fees membership, £45 which includes insurance cover. (This will be subject to change if SASA  increase their fees).Without this insurance cover we cannot have swimmers in the pool in case of accident or injury. After the initial fee SASA subscriptions are due at the end of February every year.

All swimmers in Scottish Swimming Clubs are required to be members of SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association), also known as "Scottish Swimming", who are based at the Scottish Swimming Academy at Stirling University, SASA membership includes insurance cover for swimmers whilst training and competitions.

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