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The swimmers are divided into squads (A,B,C,D and Improvers) depending on their swimming ability and technique. Swimmers will progress from Improver through to 'A' Squad as their ability improves. Each squad has a qualified coach responsible for monitoring the progress of each swimmer. When appropriate the Head Coach will put swimmers forward for any competitions which will suit their level of swimming ability.

A full list of training times are listed on this site. Please take a note of times relevant to your squad.

The coaches expect the swimmers to be changed, showered and at the poolside at least 10 minutes before their training session begins. There is a full " Code of Conduct" available on this site, which the club members should be aware of and adhere to.

Boys are required to wear swimming trunks or jammers (long tight trunks), but not baggy swim shorts and a swim cap. Girls should wear swim caps and a one piece costume.

We would ask all swimmers from 'D' squad up to be equipped with a kit bag containing a pull buoy kickboard and paddles.

You can buy this from Debbie (about £40).

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